The Slippery Slope


You see, the actions that we’ve seen this week by the Irish authorities set a precedent for the likes of this, which means the world needs much more of these and these.


Greetings, freedom fans..


Oho, don’t heed the Bush-esque language of this post’s title: this blog is all about preservation of fundamental rights.

I’m click here, sometime contributor at, and I’ve established this little presence in response to the Cowengate / Picturegate affair.

This blog has been set up as a sort of clearinghouse for responses to the saga. I’ll be attempting to do a few round-ups of the week’s events, and will post any news. Feel free to contact me directly in the comments or email – clickhere [at] gaelick [dot] com.

I also intend to post digital portraits of public figures, without fear or favour, so send them on!
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