A couple of further ideas for action


We’re all working on our postcards by now (I hope).

(Forgive the school-marm sternness: it’s in honour of Casby’s pedagoguery, I promise).

So a couple more ideas that have been floating through the ether:

(a) Via email, one suggestion has been to organise a silent protest gathering – at Dáil Éireann or at Government Buildings – with everyone wearing white Cowen t-shirts, plugs white gags or blindfolds.

(b) Unfortunately, it has transpired, however, that Allan Cavanagh’s t-shirts have been pulled from the website selling them. But we could turn it around:

T-shirt making!

As soon as we’ve finished making our postcards, and sent them to Fústar, we could get cracking on the Tees.

Might improve the community spirit, too, if people were meeting up to make them (though that could be optional – home-made t-shirts would be fine, I’m sure!)

Any ideas on either of these suggestions?


The Great Picturegate Postcard Exhibition


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